This is absolutely my new favorite piece! It is even more stunning than in the picture. You can tell a lot of love and care went into making these pendants. Truly energizing, as the description says. I will most definitely be purchasing from this shop again! These make great gifts as well! -Rasaja from Tumwater, WA

This absolutely beautiful pendant seems to have really helped me with my sinus problems. In fact, since wearing it, my sinuses have cleared completely and the associated red, irritated eye problem has also seemed to have disappeared, to my great delight! I have bought several other Orgone pendants from “mysticrocks.com” and they are all unique and beautiful. I highly recommend these pendants. David (the shop owner) ships his merchandise out very quickly and he is also very good with follow-up communications. -Narelle from Sydney, Australia

I highly appreciate this Orgonite pendant, it is beautiful and feels amazing when worn. The shipping was quite fast indeed and came much sooner than expected. I believe after doing research that David at mysticrocksorgone is likely one of the best crafters of Orgonite pendants in the region and encourage anyone to give some of his creations a try. The energy it radiates is especially refreshing. It is so strong that it needs not be worn all the time and I sometimes enjoy having it by my bedside when I sleep, for when I awaken after doing so I have noticed an increased sense of rejuvenation after resting. I highly recommend! -Corey from Fleming Island, FL

I like this pendant a lot. I could feel a sense of calmness the same day after wearing it for a while. I’ve now been wearing it for about a week and still feel very calm. I’m very happy with this purchase & would probably get some other ones for protection. Thanks David! :) :) -Liana from Singapore

I knew I’d love this pendant, but I wasn’t expecting to be obsessed with everything about it! It creates a VERY noticeable difference in my world. I feel calmer, more centered and grounded, and most importantly, my thoughts are more positive and uplifting. I’ve found that the debbie-downer voice in my head creeps in much more frequently when this pendant is not around. So, I find myself wearing it all the time! At first, I wasn’t so sure about the length of the cord, but I’ve found that having it be so long looks awesome with whatever neckline I’m wearing and makes it easy to simply tuck the pendant underneath my shirt if I don’t want it visible. Thank you for such a healing and beautiful creation! -Laura from Boulder, CO

Incredible energy and pieces look just like the pictures and radiate brilliantly. Loved th so much ordered three times and have almost every one!’ -Meghan from Corona Del Mar, CA

Beautiful, well-made pendant. I’ve searched all over for an orgone pendant that suits my specific needs, and this absolutely holds its purpose. Yes, at first it is subtle, but after wearing it for a few days there is a big difference in my energy and how I am affected by energies around me. Thank you! – Shawna from Boise, ID

This pendant is magic. It gives off a nice, cool energy, and is even more beautiful than in the pictures. Like another reviewer, I’ve had a noticeable improvement in my ongoing sinus issues, and it also helps stave off anxiety episodes. Excellent work! I have an eye on a few pieces for my next paycheck. :) -Maggie from Irving, TX

I was thrilled to find the package from you in the mail today!!!! The 7 Chakra Orgone Crystal Pendant is more beautiful than I expected it to be. WOW!!!! Incredible work!!! Thank you greatly for such pleasant service and quality work, you are a gem! I will certainly do business with you again! I am very pleased and wear your creation proudly. Thank you for such beauty. – Julie from Kokomo, IN

I am BLOWN AWAY – TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY. I am so thrilled. You are such a clear channel. These pendants are absolutely magical. I have probably seen every orgonameter out there – that is what I call people who make orgone generators and I have to say you are the BEST – I am honored to own these pieces and when I introduce another person to them they feel them IMMEDIATELY even my not so spiritually or metaphysically inclined friends. You are blessed. You are doing EXACTLY what you were sent to the planet to do. You are changing lives. THANK YOU! -Jasmine from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

I am very happy with both the custom order process with David and the products themselves. The pendants both feel very interesting, under the resin, and I love being able to see all the various crystals in the pendant. So fun. David is excellent to work with and I will be purchasing again no doubt. Thanks! -Sara from Albany, CA

Awesome pendant! Just after one day and I am in the most positive mood EVER! -Feodor from Toronto, ON Canada

Very nice combination of stones! Wearing it,I can clearly feel positive effects! – Rafael from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The first day I had this in my pocket, I felt like I was glowing, energized. -Joyce from Cortland, OH

This is a super item to own has helped me tremendously. Thank you. – Jack from Lakehills, TX

When I first received an energy generator, I put it under my pillow at night, but after a few days when my mental energy was clearer, it seemed to bring too much energy to my head.  So the next night  I put it down by my feet.  The next morning I saw that a miracle had occurred.  The open sore on my right foot was healing. It had been caused by a large and painful planter’s wart.  Between the planter’s wart, the open sores and some calluses I had given up running and was barely able to walk. The energy generator gave me some hope, so I kept using it by putting by my foot at night.  The sore healed, the planter[s wart shrank to almost nothing and the calluses have all shrunken.  This took time, but it was the best kind of non-invasive surgery. –Wendy from Spokane, WA

Today, after doing a meditation I learned how to use it and just how powerful this is. -Jon from Florissant, MO

I am thrilled with the pendant, and I come in to praise your skills as an artisan as well. -Trude from San Francisco, CA

BEAUTIFUL piece, I absolutely love its aesthetic and esoteric features! -Lauren from Union, NJ

Beautiful pendant!!! Transmits high vibrations and positive energy!!! David is the best!!! Fast and great communication!!! Super fast shipping!!! Thank you so much!!! – Katy from New York, NY

Strange orgone and you feel something about it!! So beautiful! -William from Fort Lauderdale, FL

This really works in shielding against emf sensitivity! -Naeema from Orange, CT

Wonderful. Beautiful and helps me have an overall calm energy and safe feeling. -Laila from Clermont, FL

Beautifully made pendant with bright, healing energy. Thanks for making these! -Angela from Hailey, ID

The first day I wore this, I felt it giving off heat. -Linda from New Orleans, LA

My boyfriend got this for me for Valentine’s day. I absolutely love it! It’s exactly what I wanted, and it arrived very quickly. Thank you very much! -Samantha from Huntington, NY

Lovely pendant; I felt its wonderful energy the second I put it on. Thanks! -Sean from Calais, ME

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