Gemstone Attribrutes

Gemstone colors and their attributes

Brown: Grounding, Calmness, Equilibrium

Red:  Connection to Earth, Vitality, Survival Needs, Practicality, Motivation

Orange:  Creativity, exploration, sensuality, flow, joy, repair

Yellow: Personal power, control, understanding, confidence, integrity, digestion, sustenance

Green:  Love, Relationships, harmony, calmness, expansion

Blue: Communication, expression, peace, clarity, energy exchange

Dark Blue:  Vision, Intuition, comprehension, perception

Purple: Integration, coherence, sense of spiritual and physical belonging in the world

Silver: New Horizons, spiritual wisdom, aligning, transforming

Gold: Warming, strengthening, enlivening, power

White: Cooling, releasing, expansion

Clear: amplifying, clarity, revealing, connecting

Find an energy generator that is right for you:




Releasing Grief/ Emotional Pain



Calming/ Softening

Clarity/ Tranquility

Courage/ Empowering

Giving/Receiving Love


NERVOUS SYSTEM/BRAIN– Relief to Headaches, Mental fatigue, Nervousness, Confusion, Anxiety

ENDOCRINE STYSTEM/LYMPHATIC/REPRODUCTIVE– Relief to lymph congestion, hormonal

unbalance, aggravated vitality

ORGANS/DIGESTIVE SYSTEM– flow of absorbing nutrients and releasing toxins, relief of tension and

repairing of weak organ walls

HEART/LUNGS/CIRCULATORY SYSTEM– relief to congested circulation, weak breathing, congested sinuses, oxygen to blood

BONES/MUSCLES/MOVEMENT– release pain in muscles/bones, flexibility, building strength

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